21 May

You are the power – Decide

You decide if you want to change

The time is over for you to get stuck in the negative spiral of thoughts and behaviour patterns.

Are you aware of what keeps you in this loop? 

Start to giving yourself feedback and advice that really works, you are the power – Decide today

Perhaps you recognize people around you give advice, from a good heart. But it doesn’t stick.

Or worse, creates irritation.

And sometimes you also catch yourself giving advice  before you know it.  No worries, its nothing more than human behaviour.

You are the one that decides when and how you change.

The responsibility is with you. It’s not because someone else or your coach says so.  If you’re not open to change and the decision isn’t yours to begin with, it won’t work

In the training for NLP life coaches, one of the things I like to say is

You cannot go faster than the horse


You’ll see someone needs a change but they need to see and feel it themselves.

As a coach, ask questions to make the person aware of their behaviour. And if the questions don’t bring any results, you leave it there.

Creating awareness is like building a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.

When you set a goal, and are determined to reach it can but never do

Ask yourself

  • What will this goal bring me that’s even more important than the goal itself?
  • How is this goal inspiring to me?

These questions will bring you towards understanding if you want the change or not. Plus, its fun to have a meaningful conversation with yourself.

If you can connect to the values or outcome that the goal will bring you, you’re more likely to achieve the goal or your desired change.

Remember, if its not broken, you’re not going to fix it.

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