18 Jun

The P in NLP – Programming

The P in NLP : Programming

In NLP there is a beautiful way to question your thinking and get more insight into what is happening in you

It’s the Think-Feel-Do model. If there’s a thought, its followed by a feeling. And from there, behaviour. A lot of times you’re only aware of a thought or feeling without knowing the root cause. We think behaviour is what is happening to us and we don’t have control

Every experience that you have is subjective. How you perceive an experience and the way you see the world is unique to you. It’s the same for every person you meet too.

There’s no one truth because your truth is based on how you experience the world

Becoming aware of the patterns in you is halfway through transformation. When I talk about the P in NLP, which stands for programming, my students question if I’m in ICT or into programming computers. After a good laugh, I share this metaphor – see the computer as your brain

You have developed your own strategies in behaviour, driven by values, beliefs, the way you’ve grown up and memories. These experiences have created conscious and unconscious behaviour

The programming is in NLP is not to program your mind or manipulate your behaviour

It’s about recovering what “program” you have running as a pattern

When you find that structure, you can change the pattern, if you want to. If it’s not broken, you’re not going to fix it

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