18 Jun

The P of NLP: programming

The P in NLP : Programming

The only thing that keeps it part of your life is that you keep thinking about it.

In NLP there is a beautiful way to questioning your thinking and get more insight into what is happening.
It’s the Think-Feel-Do model. If there is a thought, there is also a feeling. And from there is behaviour. A lot of times we are only aware of only a thought, or a feeling, or we are doing without knowing the deeper root. We think we cant have an impact on our behaviour, that it is what is happening to us.

This means that every experience that we have is subjective. That makes that every experience and how we perceive the experience is unique, for you and all the people around you. So the way you see the world is unique, and that is the same for every other person you meet. That also makes that there is no one truth. Your truth is based on how you experience the world.

We all have patterns in ourselves. To become aware of these patterns is already halfway through the transformation. Many times when I talk about NLP and we come to the P of programming, the question rises if I am in ICT, programming computers. After a good laugh, I continue the conversation with the metaphor to see the computer as the brain. We have developed our own strategies in behaviour, driven by values and beliefs, the way we have grown up, memories, experiences that created conscious and unconscious behaviour.

I had a conversation with a lady about the word programming in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and the allergic reaction she got from that. We spoke about her thoughts about it, what she was feeling, and the behaviour. “Wow!” she said at the end, “thank you for this conversation, there is so much clarity.”
And that is what the programming is in NLP. Not to program your mind and manipulate you into behaviour.

It’s about recovering what “program” read structure you have running as a pattern.

When we have found that structure, you can change the pattern if you want.
And, if it’s not broken, we are not going to fix it. You are enough.

“Wauw” she said.. “I thought you were going to convince me…”

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