01 Jul

3 ways to tune into your heart and intuition

Look at a picture of yourself as a child. What do you see in her/his eyes?

Look beyond what you see. What is not seen or said. Write down who you are e.g. daughter, son, friend, parent, colleague, creative, etc… you’ll discover the list is infinitely more than what you can think of and write down

And if you look at the level of the soul… there is no good or bad, and no matter how bad it seems, everything is an act of love

The question is how to connect with your heart and stay connected

Below are 3 tips on how to tune into your heart and your intuition. I’ve been doing this unconsciously for a long time, especially in situations I have found and  find difficult.

I call it: breathing through your heart, which means making a connection between your and the other

1. Send positive emotions through your system

By using the ‘Quick Coherence Technique ‘ which can help you connect with your heart and intuition. By doing this a few times a day, it becomes a habit.

  • Put the focus on your heart: tune into the area around your heart and breathe in and out slowly;
  • Shift your focus to breathing through your heart: stay with your attention on your heart and breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 5 seconds through your heart area. Do this 2 to 3 times.
  • Feel your heart and evoke an honest feeling of gratitude for someone or something in your life. Focus on the good feeling you feel welling up in your heart as you continue to breathe through your heart.

2. Tell your heart you want to start using your intuition more

Show your heart how it will positively affect your life. Notice your thoughts so you can map out your process

3. Practice asking your heart for guidance

Start with questions like:

– What attitude can help me in the situation at hand or coming up?

– Will I express what I am feeling or will I keep this to myself for now?

– What is good for my body right now?

Again describe what you are becoming aware of. If you don’t have sentences, write words, or make drawings, anything is fine

How can you coach from your heart?

By holding space and being open for the other to be who they are

No matter how difficult a situation is, keep breathing through your heart. It’s possible for you to understand what’s happening and remain calm after the emotions come out

Remember, Open hearts see love everywhere

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