27 Jul

5 ways to tap into your coach consciousness

5 ways to tap into your coach consciousness

It’s important as a coach or coach to be to have the right attitude

With this, you provide a safe haven for the person you are conversing with

Here are 5 ways to tap into your coach consciousness before a session:

1. Self explore 

Become aware of who you are as a coach. Who are you in the midst of all the techniques and methods you’ve learned?

Explore your inner world, your empowering thoughts around who you are as a coach. Take some time to really focus within

Put on your favorite music, a meditation, burn some essential oils or incense, take a walk in nature and become aware of how you are in these moments of reflection

Connect to your authentic self.

To work with people is a blessing. They also show you what to work on in yourself

Remember, a good coach needs a coach. Keep working on yourself as a coach too

2. Communication has a root 

The communication model of NLP: why do people do as they do?

Behavior doesn’t drop from a tree. There must be a reason for what people show in their behavior. Beware that we all have our unique filters.

Through these filters, we give meaning to an event or situation. It comes from our own point of reference.


3.Become like a palm tree in the wind  

If you don’t know what to do as a coach, become comfortable with not knowing.

Breathe deeply, come back to yourself, and trust that the way forward, or the next question will unfold.

Become aware you’re not there to fix anything.

You are there to let the other tap into their own wisdom, their own inner coach.


4. Hold the space open and pure  

Instead of firing questions toward the person, sometimes holding space for another person means there’s nothing you have to do, which is much more effective.

Trust the process, hold the space.

I wrote an e-book on holding space. You can download it for free


5. Expand  

There is no failure, only feedback.

See it all as an experience you can learn from.  Look at them as learning experiences, it makes you open to breaking through your patterns and come back to yourself every time

Try again and lift yourself up in another way. 

It also makes you less critical and judgmental about yourself and allows compassion and mildness to come in. You come to your own center and knowing as a coach.

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