29 Jul

5 tips for storytelling

5 tips for storytelling

Storytelling was the Netflix of the olden days. This was how lessons learned were shared and legacy passed on.

In NLP coaching we often speak about the structure of memories and events . To create safety and rapport, the story is important.

When was the last time someone listened to you for 5 minutes without interruption? Someone who listens for listening sake, and not to reply

Metaphors and stories are powerful when you use them as coach or trainer.  When you tell them to a client or to a group, people will listen and connect in their own way to the story. The subconscious mind will listen and take learnings from it to be heard or felt in the moment.  It creates a connection between the teller and the listener

It awakens our own story inside of us.

Here are 5 some ingredients on how to tell and create a good metaphor or story

  1. Make sure you have good contact with the person you’re telling the story to
  2. Make use of the senses. We perceive information through our senses. Incorporating all of them makes the story come alive
  3. Use of voice: play with volume, tone and timbre. Accentuate your voice when something important is being told. Sometimes stop, this implies something important coming
  4. Physiology: use your body, hand gestures to support what you want to say. Standing up gives different information than sitting down
  5. Picture – Emotion – Point: think what kind of point you want to make, what is the essence of the story? Make sure people can connect to emotion and ‘paint’ a picture when you are telling your story or metaphor


Owning your story is the bravest thing you will do

As coaches and trainers, we are storytellers, activists and awaken the inner coach and wisdom of the people we work with.

The more you have integrated your story as a coach, the more connection and deeper transformation you will achieve.

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