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What is systemic work?

What is Systemic Work?

Systemic work is a way of seeing. To see with your heart and soul what your eyes cannot perceive.

A constellation is about looking at and seeing what’s going on in a system. You’re linked to your (biological) family system. They reveal invisible patterns. It may be a question from within about yourself, your family dynamics or from within organization/business.

Participants experience a deeper insight into themselves. When you do a constellation yourself and represent others in the constellation, you serve as a source of inspiration, take a step in the right direction and make a commitment to your own process.

A different inner experience of the family arises. It has an effect physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and relationally. The soul receive a push with love, so that movement becomes possible again.

In a constellation, we look at the following principles;

1. Order

Everyone has the right to a place in the system

2. Connection

Everyone takes their own place in the system

3. Balance

There’s a healthy interaction between giving and taking in the system


What can you look at with love and compassion? How does a constellation work if you’re allowed to postpone judgement.

I see you. I hear you.

Listen with your eyes

Look with your heart

Feel with your ears


My vision on systemic work

My work is brought together by Burt Hellinger who spent his years as a missionary in a monastery I also like to look at the work of Virginia Satir who belongs to this as well. I’ve done constellations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and believe it’s important to mention that constellation has its root in Africa, South Africa to be exact. Acknowledging the African roots makes the connection between Africa and the West.

Systemic work and constellations have stolen my heart from the moment I was introduced to them in the late 90s. Even though I have years of experience training, coaching and leading constellations, every constellation touches me again and again.

The group to experiences how processes connect, the direct transforming effect of seeing what may be seen and bringing what is excluded back to the heart.  Its beautiful to see someone take their place and from there, step towards what’s important.

My farming roots and connection I have with Kenya give the training a deeper dimension. I take Ubuntu with me as a thread through training. An example is how greetings take place in Zulu(Southern Africa)

Sanabonani : I and my ancestors greet you

Gikonja : I and my ancestors see you

Shivers run through my body as I get to experience the pain as well as trust the power in a system. This is what I want you to feel and experience too


Have a constellation done

Family constellations is a method that shows us what place we occupy in our current family or family of origin. The tensions, conflicts and relationships within a family become visible. The question raised doesn’t have to be family related. It could be about an emotion you’re experiencing, complaints or patterns that keep popping up without you knowing where they are from


How does it work?

  1. We ask you to fill a questionnaire about your family constellation. This is the starting point that informs the theme, question or problem you intend to have a solution for. It sets a lot in motion. We’ll have a telephone conversation before the constellation
  2. During the constellation we work out your theme using representatives. These are people who’ve done constellations themselves and know how healing it can be. They can represent a family member, emotion or physical complaint
  3. After the constellation, we’ll have a telephone conversation about how to proceed with what we came up with


Have any questions? Please write to us via email contact@kuunganisha.com and we’ll be happy to help.


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