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How to choose the right coach or training for you

How to choose the right coach for you

As trainers, we love coaching and bringing you further on your path. It’s important to us that you make the right choice.

Looking to be trained as a coach? here are 8 tips to consider:

1. Get to know the trainer personally

Find out more about the trainer. See if there’s content available on social media, sign up for their newsletter, have a look at their website or sign up for a webinar. Ask for a short discovery session. Trust your own feelings rather than what the website says or the certificates that the trainer has. Your gut will guide you. Is there a click? Do you feel a yes? Or a no? All are valid.

2. Continuity

A trainer who’s consistent. This shows integrity and competence. What training or workshops have they held? Over what time? This will show if they’re reaching results that are sustainable.

3. Information versus demonstrations

At a good training, there will be demos shown on how to do it and implement. You’ll get to learn the methods theoretically and also take action

4. Exercises

The trainer not only demonstrates but also gives you an opportunity to practice the new skills you learn immediately. By observation and practice, you get to implement the skills so you can become competent in what you do.

5. Proof

A good trainer will point out the signals both in conscious awareness and the unconscious ones to test what you’re doing has a sustainable impact. This makes sure that what you do works in the training and later in your practice.

6. Personal integrity

Is the trainer showing a high level of congruency in what they say, how they teach and live?

Some helpful assumptions are:

* an effective trainer knows that everyone can learn. They will also look at how you learn, what your needs are and how can they can accommodate them.

* a trainer honors and respects the questions and objections of the participants

* a trainer does what (s)he says and says what (s)he does

* effective trainers will acknowledge mistakes and are open to feedback, you learn from a trainer and a trainer learns from you

7. Ability

It’s important to check if the (NLP) training you are looking at can demonstrate its results. Ask for references and look at their certifications. What are their requirements and does the training/trainer apply them?

8. Humor

Haha, seems a strange duck in the row, but important. Is the trainer able to keep it simple too? Reach out and have a feel for who they are. Let your gut guide you to the right training.


I hope this helps you decide what fits you. People connect to people, not to methods. My wish is that you find your tribe too.


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