01 Mar

4 steps to improve your rapport with people – an essential ingredient in NLP coaching

4 steps to improve rapport with people

I want to make it easier for you to use NLP jargon in your daily life

The first concept is rapport, which sits at the heart of NLP

Rapport is the French word for making contact. It goes deeper than only contact. It’s more than just saying hello and having a conversation. It can be a process, helping you to understand how to communicate with others

Here there are 4 steps to improve your rapport with people:

1. Take a genuine interest in someone

This is interest that comes from your heart space. Notice how you can connect from your heart and from there intensify what you feel. Become aware of your own way of communication

2. Understand the other person first, instead of expecting them to understand you

There is no remote control for people . When you feel the communication isn’t going  smoothly, take your responsibility in this and see what you can do to change it. If you change your energy, the other one can follow you. Try seeing it from the other person’s view

3. Observe their body postures and tone of voice

How are they breathing? What’s their language? Become aware you can match people, for instance, if they’re seated, and you’re standing, take seat to match them

4. Check your own integrity

True rapport is based on an instinctive sense of trust and integrity. How do you feel in your heart? What’s your intention as you communicate with the other person. Be honest with yourself and act accordingly. Breathing through an open heart can help.


Rapport is an energy constantly flowing between people and holds mutual respect on a deeper level.It’s an essential ingredient for a genuine conversation and communication between people

Keep yourself open. Stay curios from your heart, its such a gift to yourself and the other person

Look out for genuine relations and communications. And always remember, you are enough.

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