16 Nov

Green Friday, Green Love

Green Friday, Green Love

I recently facilitated a client’s family constellation where I asked her to donate the payment she was to give me to a project or person close to her heart

She was surprised

‘Huh?’ I said yes, please donate the full amount with love to a project or person that you love.

At the beginning of the week, I was scrolling through social media seeing one black Friday offer after another.  People also asked me if I have black Friday offers on my trainings and programs. Which I don’t. And will never offer as well. I don’t believe in this concept because choices for me need to come from the heart and a deeper commitment. Having my own company makes me decide where my money goes too.

Ubuntu is one of the philosophies that I strongly believe in. Recognizing each others humanity and from there making decision

Green Friday is what we as Kuunganisha fully support. Let’s make it an Ubuntu day. Green is also the color of your heart chakra. So this time around instead of looking for your black Friday deals, we invite you to see what you can do for this world by giving, donating, supporting, and reaching out.

Make something for someone, make that long-due phone call to a loved one, plant a tree, donate an amount to a project that has your heart, write your love a letter, bake cookies with your kids with the intention of green love.

Open your eyes and look around you, you can always make a choice about where you put your energy and money.


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