Kuunganisha is a Swahili word that stands for connection. We are focused on bringing you in contact with yourself and your own strength so that you can connect with others out of love for yourself.  We see the other in a broad sense: within your work, your organization or team, your relationships, your neighbours, between communities or continents. So that you can make the world a better place from your own individuality and safety. And a better world starts with yourself! You are our starting point! You can move your world and the world in a gentle way. We offer an opportunity where there is plenty of space to look in an open way at what blocks you from fully using your own potential and to stand in your life with joy and freedom in your own position. 


We start from a positive image of mankind: every human being has good reasons why he does as he does. Behaviour doesn't just fall out of the sky. We find it important to distinguish between a person's behaviour and identity. You are not your behaviour, you are much more than that. We are convinced that everyone can grow and change and thus improve their situation. Everywhere on this planet. What often prevents people from going to a desired situation are limiting beliefs. We can teach you to discover and recognize those obstructing beliefs, after which you can convert them into desired beliefs and behaviour.

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