Who Is Marianne

My Background

As a child, I grew up on a farm at the edge of the nature reserve "De Groote Peel". From my bedroom window, I saw the world my way, open fields and meadows, animals, sun and moon in all its facets. I played the harp, took care of my animals, wandered through the woods for hours, listened to the stories of the people around me. The core values that drive me are freedom and space from which creativity and flexibility arise.

My aunt, my father's oldest sister, regularly told me stories about her travels around the world as a medical missionary. I was given batik cloths and bracelets, pebbles and cards from all over the world. My world became bigger than the farm. And I became curious.

After college, I started working as a connector and community worker with youth and the Sinti community. I also immediately began training as an NLP practitioner. These two paths were in sync for a long time. My heart lies in seeing that people have a twinkle in their eyes, in looking together at how you want to live life the way you mean and feel it. In 2006 I became an international NLP trainer. I had not thought of that path, I followed it. Initially to get certified in Kenya, and this eventually led to my New Life Path, how I like to call NLP.

ceo of Kuunganisha kenya


My life is not a story I tell, it is the life I live.

This phrase touched me deeply and in 2012 I decided to change course, follow what my heart and soul were whispering to me. Standing up for who I am and what I have to do. Far from easy, several times I have wanted to throw in the towel, and yet I started doing what I have to do. No escape. Straight through the fear, making choices and bearing the consequences.

In 2013 I started a second company in Kenya and from then on I run 2 companies in training and coaching on two continents: The Netherlands (since 2009) and in Kenya. Kuunganisha training and coaching is a company with heart and soul. Kuunganisha is the Swahili word for connection. Connecting and feeling with yourself so you can connect with others. That is why I chose for Kuunganisha.

With a lot of passion, individuality, resilience and drive I provide NLP coach training and training in family constellations/systemic work on 2 continents where I learn a lot from each other. I take this with me and weave it into the training, coaching programs and SoulSafari's that I provide.

The beauty of it is that the methods give you all the space to grow and develop in the direction that you yourself envision, feel or see. How do you want to be in life? Who are you in the midst of all the techniques and methods that are out there? Who are you in the depths of your soul? What is the whisper of your heart?
I am grateful and happy when I may walk with someone on his or her New Life Path. We make the walk together from where you go your own way.

Open hearts see love everywhere.


My trainers/coaches path

My trainers and coaches path

It is always important to keep developing and growing
My aim is to keep developing as much as possible. My path so far is as follows:

  •  BC Cultural and social education/agogue 1998
  •  NLP practitioner and master coach since 1999/2000
  •  International NLP trainer in 2006
  • Establishment of Kuunganisha training and coaching in 2009
  •  Systemic coach in family constellations in 2010
  •  Trainer in systemic work in 2012
  •  Certified Distributor Partner Jump Movement 2014 (www.jumpmovement.com)
  •  Founding Chair Kenyan Association of NLP in 2019 (www.kanlp.org)
  •  Fellow member Trainer IANLP in 2020 (www.ia-nlp.org)


My certifications.