06 Dec

What is systemic work?

What is Systemic Work?
Systemic work is a way of seeing. To see with your heart and soul what your eyes cannot perceive. A constellation is about looking at and seeing what’s going on in a system. You’re linked to your (biological) family system. They reveal invisible patterns. It may be a question from within about yourself, your family
29 Jul

5 tips for storytelling

5 tips for storytelling
Storytelling in the olden days was very important. This was how lessons learned were shared and legacy passed on. It was the Netflix of the old days. We can’t go around our thoughts/feelings, values and beliefs. In NLP coaching we often speak about the structure of memories and events . Often you’ll hear coaches say
18 Jun

The P of NLP: programming

The P in NLP : Programming
The only thing that keeps it part of your life is that you keep thinking about it. In NLP there is a beautiful way to questioning your thinking and get more insight into what is happening. It’s the Think-Feel-Do model. If there is a thought, there is also a feeling. And from there is behaviour.
21 May

You decide if you want to change

You decide if you want to change
The time is over that you have to get stuck in the negative spiral of thoughts and behaviour patterns. Are you aware of what keeps you in this loop?  How powerful is it when you can start to give yourself feedback and advice that really works.