Kuunganisha training and coaching is the Certified Distributor partner in Kenya for the Jump Movement. This movement beliefs that if we all jump, we can move the world.  In Kenya we train and support Certified Proffesionals too work with this method. More information on the Jump Movement you find on www.jumpmovement.com

What is Jump Movement all about?

It’s about creating movement in your organization. What would happen if there is at least 10% more connection in your organization?

Jump Movement is a simple and effective method to generate transformation and change for people individually, as well as in organizations. Jump Movement takes inner strength and motivation as a starting point of a structured conversation. This conversation makes people aware of where they want to go and how to get there. They take ownership of their own personal development and become proud of their achievements. It creates actual movement towards a common set goal.

The secret of the method is in the way we talk and relate to each other during a Jump session. To experience that secret yourself, there’s only one way: simply do a Jump with us...

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