What Is Coaching for Communities

Marriane CEO of Kuunganisha Kenya

Coaching for Communities is a project that brings coaching to the communities in Kenya. The first 11 community coaches have graduated in 2018.  This project is powered by Kuuganisha. 

For 16 years Marianne was a community worker with heart and soul.

She worked with youth, women, minority groups and gypsies. Giving back is an important part of her work.




Kuunganisha team buildingCoaching for Communities Africa is an idea born out of Kuunganisha training and coaching.

For a long time, we train excellent coaches who find it difficult to find clients and put their name out there with their coaching.

Kuunganisha envisions that NLP and coaching will not only be sustained in the NLP practitioner and master but also been spread to communities so that communities and people in them can benefit from the power of coaching.

To implement a project like coaching for communities is a way to let this work both ways:

  • Coaches trained by Kuunganisha training and coaching get a platform to establish themselves
  • Communities will benefit from the training and coaching from these coaches so that coaching inspired by NLP can spread and will make a ripple effect in the Kenyan society.


Team building packages Kenya

To let people grow from the inside, let people in communities feel that they can be the driver of their own bus, that they can take charge over their own lives. The coaches of coaching for communities will connect through training and coaching, connecting from the heart.


By spreading coaching on a bigger scale and in the communities, CBO’s and smaller NGO’s we envision a wave of people who are able to build a better life for themselves through coaching. Coaches of the project will get a basic salary so that is a contribution to sustainable living and change. 

Touching the inner coach is what we want to do. Coaching is the new activism. 

Target group

mastership year program for coache

We have two target groups in this project:

  • Coaches who finished practitioner of master practitioner NLP
  • Communities in the widest sense of the word in Keny

Main goal of the project

We spread coaching as a tool to create a sustainable self-awareness and self-growth in communities, NGO’s and CBO’s in Kenya. The wave will be created by coaches and trainers who are passionate and determined to bring sustainable change to people.

Coaching for Community coaches and trainers:

  • To grow professionally in the field of coaching and training
  • To create a network and platform where they can get inspiration and contacts
  • Coaching for Communities will provide training and tools to do the coaching and training in a recognizable way
  • To sustain a basic income for the coaches and trainers through generating the training and crowdfunding 
  • Each coach/trainer gets a mentor so that they can mentor the people in the community
  • Monthly meetings and expertise meetings


kuunganisha training

  • Training and coaching will be available, initially on a free basis like: introduction workshops and  group coaching programs
  • People can be trained as ‘Community Coaches’  so there will be a coaching community, this training requires a fee in a 6 month program
  • All kind of programs based on coaching will be available


  • Basic introduction training of coaching (one day, free)
  • Group coaching programs (youth, refugees, mama’s, entrepreneurs etc) based on demand (one day training, free)
  • Coaching leadership for leaders of communities, NGO’s or CBO’s (6 day training for a fee)
  • Community Coach College: a 6 month program to become a community coach. Curriculum will be based on NLP, Jump, Community development, art expression, breathing (fee)
  • Tailormade trainings for NGO’s: how to bring coaching to the work floor
  • Coaching programs offered for people who work in NGO’s etc
  • Events in communities

Values and beliefs:

    • Touching the inner coach of people
    • Coaching brings activism and change
    • We support each other, there is no competition
    • Being open, honest and pure
    • We work from the connection of the heart
    • We listen to the need


We want to be a self-sustainable community as much as possible.  What’s important is that the trainers/coaches get a basic salary each month and work at least 1,5 day for the project.

We get finances through:

      • The fees of the trainings
      • Gifts/donations
      • Be a mentor sponsorship possibility
      • Crowdfunding