If you want to apply NLP professionally, if you are a manager, a teacher, a coach,  working in human resources, or you want to grow as an individual, this training will make you grow both personal as professional in the field that you prefer.

This training is a unique mix between theory and practice, between personal development and professional development. As a coach its important to also grow yourself as a human being.

NLP Practitioner Program Information

The curriculum of this training consists of:

- Anchoring and reframing

- Setting and achieving appropriate goals 

- Communication model and coach model

- Sensory perception 

- Recognizing and breaking patterns 

- Change techniques such as working with parts and time-based techniques

- How to communicate with yourself and others

- Sub-modalities and strategies 

- Neurological levels and alignment

- Coach attitude and connecting contact

- Working with storytelling, metaphors and Guided Internal Process (visualizations)

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